Here is mix of HARA Arena, DXers, beer and even pizza event...the police appeard after we got a idea to use towels on our head...we imagined we were DXer from A61 :)

dsc05860_small.jpg dsc05638_small.jpg dsc05639_small.jpg dsc05640_small.jpg
dsc05641_small.jpg dsc05642_small.jpg dsc05643_small.jpg dsc05644_small.jpg
dsc05645_small.jpg dsc05646_small.jpg dsc05647_small.jpg sponsoredbyicomraincoat_small.jpg
dsc05649_small.jpg fccexamforla6fjagotki4kjpnowk3rag_small.jpg dsc05651_small.jpg wy4nvu2rbivu2dbo_small.jpg

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