NRAU NAC Nordic Activity Contest 10m

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1Th Thursday every month

+ April to October 1700-2100 UTC

+ November to March 1800-2200 UTC

Category Mode Freq Bandwidth
A CW / Telegraphy 28.040 +/- 30kHz
B SSB / Telephony 28.500 +/- 50kHz
C FM / Telephony 29.150              +/- 50KHz
D MGM / Digital 28.050-28.190
E Mixed/ Combined modes (PSK31/PSK63 &    RTTY





Exchange: RS(T) + Gridlocator e.g. 599 JP50HQ

Class 1 Single Op

Class 2 Multi Op

N1MM Plus is free contestlogging software which supports Nordic/Scandinavian countries monthly “NRAU Nordic Activity Contest 10m” .

Following moduls are used in N1MM :


DX logs or non-NRAU are welcome to create activity if there are any QSO made with stations in TF,OY,LA,OZ,JW,JX,SM,OH,OH0,OJ. To e-mail hfcontest[ATT]

Submit logs to 3830 Score too! ->link

Download Baseinstall of N1MM Plus /Last ned Hoved programmet N1MM :

Download latest update/Last ned N1MM Plus Siste oppdatering av N1MM:

Please !!! You have to create “one log file” for alle mode (CW, SSB, FM, MGM) + export summary sheet!


N1MM plus er et gratis loggprogram for DXlogging og contesting, og støttet CW, SSB, PSK31,PSK63 og RTTY.

Skal du sette opp N1MM logger?? link og lag en loggfil per mode.

Norske  NRAU NAC 10m regler

This can be done before contest, and during the contest you can select other mode with File > Open Log in database


1.   Open File on Menu

2.   Select : New log in database C:\N1MM Logger\ham.mdb

3.   Enter info about each mode Mode, Gridsquare[example JP50EV] into ”Sent exchange box”

4.   Then OK

5.   To generate «logfiles» in N1MM logger, FILE > Export > FILE> Export to File (Generic) > Export to file (Generic) Order by time, QSO Normal


For å lage loggfiler etter contest.

6.   Cabrillo FILE > Generate Cabrillo File

7.   For å eksportere til andre filer:

8.   Summary Sheet

9.   Export > print score Summary to File

10.               ADIF

11.               FILE> Generate >Export to Adif file (brukes til å f.eks LOTW eller andre loggprogram du bruker utenom contest)

12.               Vanlig loggside med poeng

13.               FILE> Export to File (Generic) > Export to file (Generic) Order by time, QSO Normal

14.               Samtlige av disse filene finner du igjen der du har installert N1MM. Enten c:/N1MM eller C:/programfiler/N1MM eller C:/programfiler (X86) i windows 7 etc.