RTTY is King!


I have been running RTTY since very first time I got my license in 1994.

First time ever I get in touch with RTTY was during Winter Olympics special event station LI3OWG in 1994.

My father LA5FHA Svein Olav used that time a Commodore 128 with Pakratt interface and a kenwood TS440SAT.

Today I use microham USB Keyer as interface for all RTTY operation FSK.

Microham have virtually comports via only 1 USB cable, inbuild soundcard on new devices, old USB keyer needs 1 wire for Receiving RTTY.


Microham is very solid product for RTTY, PSK31, CW & SSB , my experience with following rigs:


I prefer to use Writelog together with MMTTY plugin, but in few contest which not are supported of Writeliog I do use N1MM + logger.


You can buy Writelog here LINK

To operate RTTY properly you need to have MMTTY plugin via the third part download on Writelog download page Download MMTTY plugin

To get access to more contests you need to install thirdpart files LINK

N1MM + Logger

N1MM is freeware LINK Download Base installation first and then lastest update

Hvordan sette opp N1MM+ ? guide på norsk


For all this software you need a complete installation of MMTTY Download MMTTY 1.68

USB to comport adaptor

If you are using a External FSK for USB > Comport adaptor you need to download EXT FSK to your c:/programfiles/mmtty folder Download EXT FSK

MMTTY looks like this