Current QSL info 

Grevlingvegen 20

2840 Reinsvoll

He also manage my QSL for LN7AZ-LA7AZ- DU1/K3RAG

else you can BURO OR LOTW!!

Postoffice rates extremly high in NORWAY so I dont QSL direct anymore from Norway

QSL via the NRRL bureau when I do the bureau cards

And LOTW is up to date 100 %.


My station have been down almost for 2 years because of I had a robbery and . I lost all of my ham radio equipment and etc belongs as QSL logs etc....

That’s also why I didnt had motivation to do any thing with QSLing etc which were about hamradio... Sorry, but I think there were hams doing this coz the other stuff in house were untouched ;(

I do my best to rebuild my conteststation, donation for this goes via WY4N or via email or Paypal

Contact LB3RE via email to lb3re dot rag AT g m a i l [dot] com


We will try to give everyone a QSO and a new one!


Direct s.a.s.e. With 2-3 USD $ because taxes are high in NORWAY!

Send me E mail for Questions..